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Fiber coupled integrated terahertz nanoscanning spectrometer 3D Imager

Fiber coupled desktop system: Integrated terahertz spectrometer, nanoscanner and 3D imager

TeraScanR: A scanning reflectometer

Terahertz nano-scanner/3D imager for wafer reject minimization

Terahertz Reflective Interferometer for non-destructive paint layer characterization

Terahertz dynamic analyzer

ARPís terahertz spectrometer is a novel technology having applications in biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other life science areas. Terahertz technology provides the next generation capabilities, overcoming the so-called terahertz gap, with new applications in this spectrum range. ARP received the prestigious NASA TechBriefís nano-50 award.

Integrated terahertz nanoscanning spectrometer

ARPís terahertz spectrometer, TeraSpectra is a turn key spectrometer. Time domain measurements can be conducted over a time span of sub-Pico seconds to a few tens of Pico-seconds with an equivalent frequency range of 0.1 to ~30 THz.  This wide range allows characterizing a number of molecular events important for biomedical and materials research. The spectrometer applications may be developed in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and related areas. For additional information see ARP technical notes at http://arphotonics.net/technicalnotes.htm. Specification summary is given below*.  More information please contact: Email

Parameter TeraSpectra

Terahertz integrated anaoscanning spectrometer

A fiber coupled version is available. Contact info@arphotonics.net for more info

Time resolution ~33 Femto-seconds
Time span Up to 150 Pico-seconds
Fourier Transform Frequency Range 0.1 up to ~30 terahertz
Technology Dendrimer dipole excitation

Source power

>5 milliwatts, average

Sensitivity ~100 FemtoMol


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TeraScanR: A scanning reflectometer

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*Specification may vary without notice. For more information please contact ARP.

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TeraImager: terahertz imaging system for surveillance


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