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ARP breaking the wavelength barrier:

NewsBreak: Terahertz multispectral reconstructive imaging for nanoscale metrology


Fiber coupled desktop system: Integrated terahertz spectrometer, nanoscanner and 3D imager
TN3DI: T-ray volume imaging system   
Left: TN3DI free-space system. Right: Nature designed photonic crystals in a seshell.
ARP announces Integrated scanning spectrometer with lattice resolution imaging
Integrated terahertz scanning spectrometer  
Left: Fixed-beam spectrometer. Right: Evolution of terahertz interferogram as a function of depth of SiGe.
ARP announces terahertz nano-scanner for sub-surface inspection and 3D imaging
Terahertz nanoscanner    Terahertz scan reproducibility    Nanovoids
Mid: Scan reproducibility. Right: 3D image of alumina nanostructure. Nanovoids are visible.

TeraSpectra: high power terahertz spectrometer

Left: Terahertz time-domain spectrometer (fixed beam). Right: Absorbance spectrum of Polyethylene; known peaks are reproduce but many new peaks are observed.

TeraScanR: Terahertz scanning reflectometer
for non-invasive depth profiling

Left: Award winning terahertz reflectometer. Right: Thickness profile of healthy skin showing layered structure.

Terahertz Dynamic Ballistic Analyzer (TDBA) for Kinetics Spectroscopy

Left: Sketch of (TDBA). Right: Ballistic deformation and velocity computed from kinetics spectrum.

Terahertz Reflective Interferometer 

Left: Terahertz reflection interferometer (TRI). Right: Interferogram from multi-layered paint on metal substrate.

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