Example of applications

  1. Terahertz Spectroscopic Analysis and Multispectral Imaging of Epitaxially Grown Semiconductors with Nanometer Resolution

  2. Simplest method of measuring nanoparticles’ size and size distribution on the surface and on sub-surface layers

  3. Sub-nanometer resolution sub-surface imaging: See article here.

  4. Early detection of skin cancer. See here.

  5. Understanding the interaction of dyes with nanoparticles in organic solar cells. See pdf file here: Show pdf.

  6. Industrial terahertz scanning for in-line quality control of aluminum caps and sealed closures. See full report here

  7. Effective testing for wafer reject minimization by terahertz analysis and sub-surface imaging, ASMC 2014

  8. Terahertz Dynamic Analyzer for ballistic deformation characterization (Kinetics Spectroscopy), SPIE DSS 2015

  9. Terahertz Reflective Interferometer for non-destructive paint layer characterization, SPIE DSS 2015

  10. Terahertz Spectrometry and Reflectometry: A new frontier for noninvasive picoscale investigations, Spectroscopy 28(2), February 2013.

  11. Diffusion kinetics and permeation concentration of human stratum corneum, Drug Development & Delivery, May 2012.

  12. Self-assembled monolayer on wafer - white paper, 2012


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